Attractions in Blackpool

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Attractions in Blackpool

Attractions in Blackpool

There are many wonderful attractions in Blackpool to entertain everybody from individuals, couples, groups and families. Here at The Vidella Hotel we are located within walking distance of many of the main attractions Blackpool has to offer, such as:

Pre-Theatre Meals Blackpool

Our Hotel Restaurant is open for pre-theatre meals making us the perfect destination for all theatre goers. Everything you see on our menu (including all the sauces and chutneys) is made from scratch. This means we know exactly what is in our food and most dishes can be tweaked to cater for your requirements. Also if you’re just a plain, old, fussy eater and want chips instead of potatoes, no sauce on your chicken, gravy with your duck, or custard on your fishcakes – that’s fine too. If it’s do-able, we’ll do it.

Clubs in Blackpool

Blackpool currently has two main clubs, which are both within 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel (even in high heels). So if you fancy at night out at Club Sanuk or Flamingo’s then the Vidella Hotel is for you.

Why not start your night at our very own Cocktail Bar? We love cocktails, so whether you fancy something a little fruity or creamy, strong or refreshing, long or short, then we’ll have it for you. There’s a story behind each and every name, such as the “Lesbian Escape From Room 31,” or “The Mad Hatter’s Mrs Tee Party.” There’s even a chance you’ll get a cocktail named after you.

Funny Girls Blackpool

Funny Girls is a truly unique and unforgettable attraction not to be missed during your trip to Blackpool. Located minutes away from the Vidella Hotel there’s no need for taxis or transportation making us the ideal place to stay. With our amazing Room Rates, Restaurant and Cocktail bar we can help you create a night you’ll never forget.

Book your stay at The Vidella Hotel today

Why not Book your stay with us today by using our online booking facility or if you have any questions then contact us direct. Call us on 01253 621201 or fill in our online enquiry form.

Blackpool Attraction Distances

Blackpool Attractions; Blackpool Clubs, Pubs and Venues; Blackpool Stations.

Blackpool Attraction or Venue Distance (m) Walking Time (mins) Taxi Fare (£)
Cascades Restaurant 0 0
Blackpool Promenade 100 1
Tram Stop – Pleasant St 100 1
Passion Club 100 1
North Shore Beach (dogs allowed) 150 2
Post Office 150 2
Funny Girls Drag Cabaret Bar 250 3 £3
Free cash machine, ATM in Wilkinsons 350 4 £4
Kaos Bar, Mardi Gras Pub, Flying Handbag 350 4 £4
Flamingos – Nightclub 350 4 £4
Sanuk – Nightclub 350 4 £4
Catholic Club 350 4 £4
Ma Kelly’s Bar 350 4 £4
Train Station – Blackpool North 350 4 £4
Bus Station – Talbot Road 400 5 £4
Blackpool War Memorial 400 5 £4
Roxy’s, Walkabout, Soul Suite, Flares – Bars 400 5 £4
Abington Market 550 7 £5
Winter Gardens 650 8 £5
Blackpool Opera House 650 8 £5
Empress Ballroom 650 8 £5
Olympia, Arena, Spanish Hall 650 8 £5
Blackpool Grand Theatre 850 9 £5
Hounds Hill Shopping Centre 850 9 £5
Blackpool Tower 900 10 £5
Blackpool Tower Ballroom 900 10 £5
Blackpool Dungeons 900 10 5
Blackpool Comedy Carpet 900 10 £5
Tower Headland 900 10 £5
Coral Island 1000 12 £6
Sealife Blackpool 1200 14 £6
Madame Tussauds Blackpool 1300 15 £6

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Indulge yourself; you’re on your holidays! When staying with us why not book yourself into our Hotel Restaurant.

We take our food very seriously. Everything* you see on the menu (including all the sauces and chutneys) is made from scratch. With seasonal menus and specials it’s not to be missed.

Attractions in Blackpool


Blackpool has many exciting Attractions suitable for Families, Couples and Individuals. Why not visit the iconic Funny Girls for a night you’ll never forget or visit the Winter Gardens for one of the many shows, concerts and exhibitions.

With the Vidella Hotel a stones throw away from some of the most exciting Attractions in Blackpool we are the perfect choice. Book your Room today.